Our Firm

Kenchuan Architects Ltd was established in 1993 and is fully owned and managed by Kenyan Architects; Arch. Zebedee Maombo Bukania (OGW) and Arch David Wekesa Situma. We are engaged in consultancy services of various aspects, such as Architectural Design, Planning, Supervision and Project management. Our primary consideration is to develop as an architectural firm with meaningful and practical approach to problems found locally in Kenya, elsewhere in Africa and the whole world in general. The firm takes special interest in studying the African Social Composition and way of life, believing strongly in culture and the indigenous element of building as well as the postmodern architecture involving the third world countries.

Kenchuan Architects Ltd provides services in design and supervision of all types of buildings both low and high-rise from Planning, Supervision and Project Management. These services cover development of briefs, feasibility studies, site investigation & analysis preparation of implementation program, conflict resolution, schematic design, working drawings, seeking approval of designs from local and approving authorities, technical review of buildings, preparation of schedules of dilapidation, administration and management of contracts including site supervision and project financial controls.